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The Mental Burden of Voice Interfaces

9to5Toys has a review of the Amazon Fire Cube and this bit stood out to me: In theory, having complete voice control over your home theater feels like the way of the future. Siri and Apple TV have dabbled lightly in this area when it comes to surfacing content, and eliminating the need to dig […]

Sharing Shortcuts with Sharecuts (that makes sense, right?)

Sharecuts is a new site from Guilherme Rambo where people are able to share their custom Shortcuts for the world to use. There are currently only a few shortcuts there, and you currently have to request access to upload your own shortcuts, but it just opened up today and is sure to grow. Gui was […]

Ulysses, the Best Writing App Out There, Turns 15

15 Years Ago, I Went Indie and Didn’t Know It. – Building Ulysses – Medium Ulysses is turning 15 these days. You read that right: fifteen freaking years. In computer terms that’s an eternity. And for me, now 31 years old, it certainly feels like one. This is my story. This is a great article […]

It’s Not “Netflix for Podcasts,” It’s More Like “This Site Only Works in IE6”

Fast Company has a good summery of some of the changes going on in the world of podcasts recently; specifically, premium podcasts. This whole concept of service-exclusive podcasts makes my blood boil a bit, but I’m trying to understand if that’s because it’s actually a bad thing or if I’m just being a dinosaur. Why […]