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Google Assistant lets you sync smart devices with your voice

Implementation details aside, I approve of any attempt device makers make to improve the setup process when it comes to smart devices. The process is just too complicated today, and any move in the right direction is appreciate.

24 Hour Coding Project: Crypto Board

Every once in a while I like to build something quickly and just kick it out the door as fast as possible. This has previously lead to things like Quick BIN Lookup and App Bottlerocket coming into being. Yesterday I did the same thing and have created Crypto Board which simply shows the current values […]

Homebridge: HomeKit support for the impatient

I set this up last night and it took about 30 minutes to get the Homebridge service running on my Mac mini and link it to my WeMo plug (the only smart device I own that doesn’t work with Siri). This feels “tacky” but it does seem to work so far. I am very happy to have a fully HomeKit-capable house.

Portrait Mode’s True Value

🍔 💖 (iPhone X Portrait mode, no editing) pic.twitter.com/wceIjc46un — Nacho Carretero Molero (@carreteronacho) December 8, 2017 Some people will look at the above tweet and say “that’s beautiful” and others will look at it and just scream “it looks so fake!” I think it looks pretty darn good, even if it’s imperfect and you […]

Why I can’t dismiss smart speakers as just a mirage

His conclusion that these interfaces don’t have a place in most people’s lives is something I greatly disagree with, and frankly sounds like the sort of argument I was making before I actually got an Echo to use in my home.