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Skating to where the puck is going to…aw crap!

“Skate to where the puck is going to be.”

That’s a classic line Apple fans like to quote when talking about the company. I’m sure it induces epic eye rolls from Apple detractors, but I think it is an accurate representation of what the company aspires to achieve. Looking at the critical response some have had to the new MacBook Pro (USB-C is coming, but it’s not everywhere yet…#DongleLife) and to the iPhone 7 (wireless is clearly the future, but we’re not there yet), you can see Apple is still thinking like this. Apple has been doing this forever, and it’s one of the reasons they continue to be seen largely as a forward-looking company.

The apps keeping me on macOS

There is talk in the industry right now of people switching to Windows because Apple has “given up on the Mac” and I wanted to look at the apps that are keeping me on the Mac at this point. I just opened my Applications folder and noted each app that I love and/or can’t live without that was not on Windows as well.

My Mac History

I just bought a new Mac a few weeks ago and was thinking back on my personal Mac history. I’ve been a Mac user since I was 9 years old, and I have been almost completely loyal since then (I did own an HP for a year or so, but that was a horrible mistake). […]

Apple Could Learn Something from Windows 10’s Multiple Desktops

I finally upgraded my work PC to Windows 10 a few weeks ago (from Win8, shudder) and the move has been a success overall. Outside of taking almost 4 hours to complete the upgrade, everything is running smoothly. The new operating system has a few features I like, but the thing that stands out the most is how it handles multiple desktops.