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Thinking out loud about the blog

Some people think that New Year’s resolutions are stupid, but I really like them. It’s good to take stock of what you’re doing once in a while, and assess if you’re doing the right things. I’ve gotten off to a slightly earlier start to this in 2016 (because can’t 2016 be over already?), and have been assessing a few things in my life.

Introducing App Bottle Rocket

App Bottle Rocket is a new website built to make searching the iOS App Store easier, faster, and more readily available. I originally made the site as a tool I could use personally when writing about different apps for this blog. I was frustrated by having to use iTunes on my Mac or the App Store itself on my phone or tablet to find links to and release notes for new apps. I have long been jealous of the Google Play Store’s web interface, and I wanted to bring a version of that to the Apple world.

BirchTree Just Turned 6!

Today marks the sixth anniversary of BirchTree 🎉. I’m frankly shocked this little hobby has lasted as long as it has, as the web is littered with old blogs I started and wrote 1-3 posts before giving up.

When Your Side Project Gets a Side Project

When I launched Today Weather back in August, I did so with the intention of using the web app as a proof of concept and understand 2 things:

1. Could I create a product people liked?
2. Was there interest out there for *another* weather app?

The answer to both of these (thankfully) was yes. Today Weather has not taken over the market, but it’s doing well enough and the reactions I’ve gotten have been incredibly kind overall.

How Does Today Weather Stack Up to the Competition?

I released my first major non-blog website on August 1 this year. It’s called Today Weather and it’s had a fairly good first 60 days. It got linked to by a few big tech sites and had a truly insane first couple of days. Usage has leveled off at a healthy, if not mind-blowing level. If you’re using Today Weather, thank you, you’re the best!

As I said in my initial blog post, one of Today Weather’s big differentiators were it’s speed and overall efficiency. Today I wanted to take a look at how it stacks up against some of the biggest weather sites out there, as well as the brand new DarkSky.net that I actually really like. This comparison is not meant to say definitively that Today Weather is the best weather site out there, but that it remains the most efficient, easiest to use web app for checking the weather.