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Disengaging from the Apple Blogger Life for a Moment

In the past month or so, I’ve had things pick up at my day job significantly. The short of it is that an app I’ve been “directing” (to use John Gruber’s terminology) is making its official launch after almost a year in the works. On top of that, my development team is tackling a project […]

2018: Breaking Out of My Podcaster Shell

I typically treat BirchTree as a solo project, and while that is still very much the case today, I have made an effort to say yes more to doing things with other people. Specifically, I have said yes to doing a few podcasts that I really enjoyed listening to. If you want to catch up […]

My (Tech) Desires Are Unconventional

My uncle once told me I should consider fasting for a couple days. He had done it many times and was a big proponent of fasting now and again. “No way, I love food too much,” I replied, but he wasn’t having it. “That’s exactly why you should; you’ll appreciate it so much more when […]

Support BirchTree on Patreon!

I’ve launched a Patreon! I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who would do something like this, but apparently times change. Outside of the obvious “what if no one subscribes?” question, I was always held up by the question of what value I thought I could offer that people would be willing to pay […]

Using Apple News to Its Full Potential

Back in the fall I started to have an issue with Apple News. I went from seeing hundreds of readers per day to almost zero. I couldn’t figure it out for a long time, and I had just assumed that I no longer satisfied the desires of the Apple News algorithm. Despite seeing literally zero […]