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OmniFocus as a Read Later Service

Ok, hear me out, but I’ve been using OmniFocus as my “read later” service for about a month and it’s kind of working great for me. I tweeted about this earlier in the week and people were…confused, to say the least1. Let me explain myself. Getting in the Right Frame of Mind The thing that […]

Going Old School in 2019

So much of what I do online is about following the newest, latest, best stuff that’s out there. What’s the best phone? What are the best new games? What’s next in…everything? This is just how I am and I generally enjoy being on the cutting edge. It’s fun to have things that the world has […]

BirchTree Gaming, My New YouTube Channel About…Well You Get It

I’ve never really had time to spend on video games on BirchTree, but I spend a decent amount of my free time playing video games and I just adore them. Despite this love, I’ve never spent much time on them here because personal blogs about games just don’t have much interest out there today. BirchTree […]


Things have been slow here since the end of December, and the blame rest entirely on one individual: Sherman. Now, Sherman is a 4 month old puppy, and he doesn’t know any better, but he’s done a number in my ability to focus on anything around here. So if you are ever like “when is […]