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Feeling it Again (Summer Break is Over)

In the middle of June I mentioned on my podcast that I was going to take a bit of a summer break from the show, and that turned into a break from blogging here (only 9 posts in 6 weeks), as well as a break from Twitter and the relentless YouTube schedule I was keeping […]

Why Breath of the Wild is Absolutely Brilliant: Part 1

I’m taking a break from the Persona series to talk about what I’m pretty confident is my favorite video game of all time. This game is just unbelievable and this series will go through some of the elements that I think come together to make this a really special experience.

Microsoft Office for iPad: My Beginner’s Guide

I don’t use Word a ton, but when I do I’m usually impressed with how well it works. Those of us who write in text editors will of course not get as much use out of it, but if you work in rich documents or as a team, then Word is pretty darn compelling.

BYOD Podcast: A Rivalry I’m Taking Very Seriously

I had the great pleasure of guesting with Greg and Nati on their always fun BYOD podcast this weekend. I was on to talk all about the Apple Watch, what we expect from WWDC, and why Apple currently has nothing to fear from the Android-based smartwatches out there today. I also unseated Apple rumor rockstar […]

OmniFocus as a Read Later Service

Ok, hear me out, but I’ve been using OmniFocus as my “read later” service for about a month and it’s kind of working great for me. I tweeted about this earlier in the week and people were…confused, to say the least1. Let me explain myself. Getting in the Right Frame of Mind The thing that […]