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Grading Apple on My iOS 12 Suggestions

Apple doesn’t answer to me, so this is of no concern to them, but I wanted to take a look back at my iOS requests to see how close Apple came to meeting them. Performance I asked for: Performance improvements, especially on older devices. Apple delivered: ✅ Exactly this! iOS 12 is notably faster on […]

Criticism and Clinging to the “Now”

I wrote this back in February when I was getting hammered by a small subset of people being at all critical of the impending HomePod release: But I would not be good at my job if every time someone told me something was wrong I replied “well, this has to be like that because X, […]

I Made a Silly Amiibo Search Page

This was a fun 2 hour project last night and I’m calling it Amiibo Table. It’s based on the AmiiboAPI that Paul Hallett released yesterday. It’s a simple page and basically just gives you some basic information on whatever Amiibo you’d like. It was an excuse to play with DataTables just a bit as well.

Draft 5 Actions: The BirchTree Collection

I created a half dozen actions for Drafts that you can use to create tasks, reminders, notes, and look up passwords. These actions allow more power and flexibility than any other actions I have seen for these apps in Drafts.

Apps included are Bear, OmniFocus, Things, Todoist, Due, and LastPass.