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BirchTree audio update Jan 2, 2017

Just a quick audio update on the state of the blog. Yes, I’m trying out some different things on the site this year 🙂

Merry Christmas from BirchTree!

If you celebrate, Christmas is a time for spending time with family and friends. I’m spending the weekend with my family and am thrilled to be able to see people who I only ever get a chance to see this time of year.

Thinking out loud about the blog

Some people think that New Year’s resolutions are stupid, but I really like them. It’s good to take stock of what you’re doing once in a while, and assess if you’re doing the right things. I’ve gotten off to a slightly earlier start to this in 2016 (because can’t 2016 be over already?), and have been assessing a few things in my life.

Introducing App Bottle Rocket

App Bottle Rocket is a new website built to make searching the iOS App Store easier, faster, and more readily available. I originally made the site as a tool I could use personally when writing about different apps for this blog. I was frustrated by having to use iTunes on my Mac or the App Store itself on my phone or tablet to find links to and release notes for new apps. I have long been jealous of the Google Play Store’s web interface, and I wanted to bring a version of that to the Apple world.