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24 Hour Coding Project: Crypto Board

Every once in a while I like to build something quickly and just kick it out the door as fast as possible. This has previously lead to things like Quick BIN Lookup and App Bottlerocket coming into being. Yesterday I did the same thing and have created Crypto Board which simply shows the current values […]

What “iPhone lover” means to me

I have said right in the title of each of my Android phone reviews that I am an “iPhone lover” which throws some people off and I wanted to explain what that means to me.

New Media inevitably becomes Old Media

Over the past 10 years the people who have gotten new Apple products has shifted significantly. It used to be major newspapers were first in line to get everything, and they would have the exclusive first reviews out of the gate whenever a new product launched. 10 years ago Apple bloggers and podcasters had to order iPhones and Macs just like everyone else and their reviews and impressions would come days to weeks later.