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My little App Store experiment: Simple Refrigerator Magnets

I’ve released Simple Refrigerator Magnets to the App Store. It’s a pretty simple sticker pack, and it’s aimed mostly at kids, but I won’t stop you from getting your letter magnet nostalgia trip with them if that’s your thing.

A BirchTree sick day

Pardon the break in the action on the site over the last few days. I’ve been quite sick with the flu and have been lying in bed most of the day. So there will be no new app video this weekend, or any new pieces on the site until the new week.

Why I’m diversifying BirchTree in 2017

Just a quick programming note on the site today. I’ve gotten a few questions recently on why I felt the need to invest time into things besides writing on BirchTree this year. A rational assumption would be that it’s because readership is dropping and I am trying to find something that works better. I’m happy to say that’s not true, as things are still heading the right direction.

BirchTree audio update Jan 2, 2017

Just a quick audio update on the state of the blog. Yes, I’m trying out some different things on the site this year 🙂