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A Note on Financing My Tech Addiction

The new iPhone will be announced tomorrow, which means many millions of us will be going online in the coming days to pre-order a new phone. Many of us bought a phone last year, just as we did the year before that and the year before that.

A Quick Update on BirchTree

I’ve been producing less content for the site over the last few weeks, and I thought that deserved a quick explanation. I’m still working on creating the best content I can, but that work has shifted recently from generating daily articles about tech towards more long-term projects that don’t see the light of day for […]

Only the Good Stuff Today

Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed a new link in this site’s navigation in the past couple days as “The Good Stuff” showed up out of nowhere. I thought I’d take a second and explain what’s going on. Only the Good Stuff Today is a new website I’ll be working on as a companion to BirchTree […]