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Reflections on Microsoft’s Build 2017 Conference

Microsoft had their Build Conference last week, which means we’re officially in summer-tech-conference season! Microsoft wrapped up their show, where they presented where they think computers are going in the next 12 months, Google will have their I/O conference in a few weeks where they will do the same, and Apple has their Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in early June. I enjoy following all of these companies’ shows, as it is a good time to reflect on where each of these tech giants are, and where they see themselves going. If you want to get a pulse on the industry, these are good places to start.

Totally Misunderstanding the iPad

The iPad Pro is 100% absolutely positively not a 2-in-1 PC like the Surface. Thurrott is a smart guy, but I have no idea why he is so far off on this. Hell, Surface fans will be more than happy to tell you that the iPad Pro doesn’t run a “real” operating system like the Surface; they’re in different leagues.

A Touch OS is About More than Just Bigger Touch Targets

This is the sort of thing that I come back to all the time when talking to people about macOS/Windows vs iOS and Android. People will tell you that adding touch to the Mac is something Apple is foolishly neglecting, and that they honestly don’t have to change that much of the system software to make is a good feature. They suggest Apple could just make the touch targets a little bigger, or even just leave everything the same because any touch is better than no touch at all.