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A Touch OS is About More than Just Bigger Touch Targets

This is the sort of thing that I come back to all the time when talking to people about macOS/Windows vs iOS and Android. People will tell you that adding touch to the Mac is something Apple is foolishly neglecting, and that they honestly don’t have to change that much of the system software to make is a good feature. They suggest Apple could just make the touch targets a little bigger, or even just leave everything the same because any touch is better than no touch at all.

The PC is Complete

Apple and Microsoft both had PC events this week where they showed off the latest and greatest each company had to offer in terms of PC hardware in 2016. Microsoft got things rolling first with their Surface Studio, a 28 inch touch screen PC on a stand that lets you easily change it from a […]

Pricing out the Surface Studio vs the 5K iMac

Microsoft unveiled it’s impressive Surface Studio today, and it looks like a very capable machine. It looks solid, and I’ve seen many people see this and say “this is the computer I’ve been waiting for!” I shared my thoughts on it earlier, but one thing that I found curious is that the pricing of the […]

Abandoning Old Biases (or How I Kind of Like Microsoft Now)

You might have been able to tell that I’m an Apple guy. I loved my Performa in 1994 and I love my iPhone in 20161. This of course means that I have a life long distaste for all things Microsoft. I had long debates with my friends on why Mac OS X was objectively better […]