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Windows on Chromebooks will Burn Microsoft?

Android Central has this piece on why allowing Microsoft Windows to dual boot on Chromebooks will end up ruining, uh, Windows’ reputation. The touted advantages of a simpler, faster and smoother Chrome experience on inexpensive hardware not optimized for Windows may be exaggerated when Windows is “unfairly” assessed in a “side-by-side” on-device comparison. One can […]

OneDrive Now Syncs Your Desktop and Documents Folders

OneDrive just rolled out a feature called “Known Folder Move” which might be the worst possible name for the best possible service. This feature has OneDrive backup 3 of your most important folders: Desktop, Documents, and Pictures.

Oh, Hello

I’m just a normal guy with an iPhone 8 Plus, not an X, so I’m not used to having a device that unlocks just by looking at my smug mug. But Windows has a feature called “Windows Hello” that does exactly that. Of course I turned it on as soon as I got my Surface […]