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Oh Great, I Have an UltraViolet Code

I walked into Best Buy this Black Friday and I wanted to pick up some movies on deep discount. There were a few films that were marked down to less than $10 on Blu Ray that I really wanted to add to my collection, and figured enduring the mass of people shopping that day was worth it.

Thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

There is almost too much going on in this story, and it makes it hard to grasp onto any particular thread. There are at least 3 stories going on in concert, but they weave in and out of each other in a way that just felt muddled to me. Each story is good on it’s own and the actors do great work, but it just doesn’t gel the way you’d like a great movie to come together.

Inside Out, You Have To See This Pixar Gem

Almost all of Pixar’s films are about growing up in one way or another. Some films hit this more on the head than others, and those tend to be my favorites. Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story each come to mind as standouts. Inside Out follows in these films’ footsteps, and is an amazing […]

You Should be Watching FilmmakerIQ

John Hess has an awesome video series going called FilmmakerIQ which covers all manner of things related to film. These videos are always fun and informative, and they’re a great way to geek out over movies for 15-20 minutes at a time.