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Not Even Kanye Can Save Tidal

You can’t say Kanye doesn’t try to help his friends. When his new album, The Life of Pablo was released 2 weeks ago…and you probably torrented it. And who could blame you? After a few fits and stops, the album was only available to stream on Tidal. Besides, you were by no means the only […]

The Case for Artists Selling, Not Streaming Music

It was announced at the eleventh hour that Adele’s new record, 25 will not be available on any streaming service for at least a little while. What this means for people like me and basically everyone under 30 is that it won’t magically show up in your music app and be available to listen to. […]

Pitchfork’s Overlooked Albums of 2015 So Far

Pitchfork released a list of some of the best, least noticed albums of the first half of the year. With Apple Music out there, there should be no excuse not to check out some of these weird little gems.