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Spotify is Worthless If You Own Music

Paul Thurrott1 wrote a piece yesterday about how woefully inadequate Spotify is for people like him who want to bring their personal music collection with them. Spotify, alas, does not provide this feature. I’m actually quite surprised by this, given how popular it is, and initially assumed I was missing something. But no: Spotify will […]

A Simple Way to Make Following on Apple Music Way More Useful

The Rural Alberta Advantage is one of my favorite bands, and I just realized yesterday that I was not following them on Apple Music. I tapped the Follow button because that’s what you do for bands you like, but I realized that this was a completely empty gesture. See, following someone on Apple Music means […]

Modern Classic: Thunder, Lightning, Strike by The Go! Team

The Go! Team made a bit of a splash in the indie music scene in the mid 2000s. They were a part of the mini British invasion of that decade, along with bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Kooks, The Fratellis, and Franz Ferdinand, and their debut album, Thunder, Lighting, Strike is one of […]

Not Even Kanye Can Save Tidal

You can’t say Kanye doesn’t try to help his friends. When his new album, The Life of Pablo was released 2 weeks ago…and you probably torrented it. And who could blame you? After a few fits and stops, the album was only available to stream on Tidal. Besides, you were by no means the only […]

The Case for Artists Selling, Not Streaming Music

It was announced at the eleventh hour that Adele’s new record, 25 will not be available on any streaming service for at least a little while. What this means for people like me and basically everyone under 30 is that it won’t magically show up in your music app and be available to listen to. […]