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The End of the Headphone Jack is Not the Start of Proprietary Headphones

There’s been a general shit storm that’s blown up this week over the supposed removal of the headphone jack off the upcoming iPhone 7. Nilay Patel’s piece for The Verge really got people fired up: Look, I know you’re going to tell me that the traditional TRS headphone jack is a billion years old and […]

Can You Get a Genie Back in the Bottle?

Well I sure picked a bad day to spend offline! Apple caused quite a stir in the past 24 hours by posting an open letter in which Tim Cook states plainly that Apple will not comply with the FBI’s request to create a backdoor into the iPhone 5C. For a nice breakdown of the entire […]

The Future of iOS is not OS X

OS X + iOS = AppleOS, one app to rule them all — Apple World Today I do think the two operating systems will merge somewhere down the road into, simply,”AppleOS.” The trick for Apple will be to make AppleOS as easy for consumers and newbies as iOS currently is, while still offering features needed […]

Tempering the Free App Outrage

There is a lot of frustration out there about “the race to the bottom” in app pricing. Not only is it making the App Store less profitable, they say, but also developers that give their apps away for free are destroying the market for others who want to make an honest buck. The argument being, who would buy a paid app when there are free options available?

The Days of Physical Keyboards are Numbered

As we continue to dive deeper and deeper into this post-PC world, I find myself thinking more about what things we used to find essential about computers that are being tossed aside as we hurdle towards the future. With this week’s news that Apple is working on a keyboard with literally no moving parts, it hit me like a ton of bricks: of course physical keyboards are on the way out. Just stay with me though and let me explain.