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YouTube Red: Should You Pay for It?

YouTube announced that they will be rolling out a paid YouTube service next week on October 28 called YouTube Red. After years of giving it all away for free, they’re finally asking for a little out of their customers’ pockets. The cost At $9.99 per month (or $12.99 if you subscribe from within the iOS […]

Better than a “Real Computer”

Federico Viticci has long been expanding on the merits of Editorial, a text editor for iOS. This app plays a big role in his everyday work and enables him to run his business from his iPad. That’s a pretty stunning statement, and one that many people will tell you can’t be done. Meanwhile, Zac Cichy […]

Free Podcast Apps Are Nothing New

There was a bit of chatter online yesterday over Marco Arment’s decision to make Overcast free and only make money on it though a patronage program. Essentially, he’s doing the Radiohead model of “pay what you want” for the app. Marco said he did this as a way to make sure all his users were […]

The Tech That Runs My Life

Am I an Apple fanboy? God, I hope not! In the interest of figuring this out, I started to do a mental inventory of the tech and services from the big three tech companies (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) that I use to manage my life. What I found was that while Apple does dominate the […]

Why the PS4’s New $349 Price Ensures Sony will Win the Holiday Season

It’s only October 8 but Sony has just ensured that their PlayStation 4 will win the holiday season. Target accidentally leaked a hint that this was coming, and today The Verge reports that Sony’s console will indeed drop $50 starting tomorrow. Over the past 23 months that they have both been on the market, the […]