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Wake Up and Do the Work

Sometimes we all get a little frustrated with where we are in life. The prospect of The American Dream seems harder to achieve than it was 40, 30, or even 20 years ago. And even if you argue that it is just as challenging as it’s ever been, I think you’d be hard pressed to […]

YouTube Red: Should You Pay for It?

YouTube announced that they will be rolling out a paid YouTube service next week on October 28 called YouTube Red. After years of giving it all away for free, they’re finally asking for a little out of their customers’ pockets. The cost At $9.99 per month (or $12.99 if you subscribe from within the iOS […]

Better than a “Real Computer”

Federico Viticci has long been expanding on the merits of Editorial, a text editor for iOS. This app plays a big role in his everyday work and enables him to run his business from his iPad. That’s a pretty stunning statement, and one that many people will tell you can’t be done. Meanwhile, Zac Cichy […]

Free Podcast Apps Are Nothing New

There was a bit of chatter online yesterday over Marco Arment’s decision to make Overcast free and only make money on it though a patronage program. Essentially, he’s doing the Radiohead model of “pay what you want” for the app. Marco said he did this as a way to make sure all his users were […]

The Tech That Runs My Life

Am I an Apple fanboy? God, I hope not! In the interest of figuring this out, I started to do a mental inventory of the tech and services from the big three tech companies (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) that I use to manage my life. What I found was that while Apple does dominate the […]