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Microsoft Releases a Faster Horse

The Surface Pro 4 was just released, and the PC world is basically losing its mind over it. It’s fast, has a nice screen, can be packed with RAM and storage (up to 16GB RAM and 1TB hard drive), and looks relatively nice. On paper, this looks like it blows Apple’s soon to be released […]

Evernote’s Current Dip

Eugene Kim over at Business Insider (I know, I know) has piece on Evernote’s fall from grace in the tech world. Depending on where you stand, Evernote is either a sinking ship or a maturing company going through a normal transition cycle. But most people we spoke to seem to agree that the company has […]

Data is Square (or Why Round Smart Watches are Just a Fad)

We seem to be at a fork in the road when it comes to smart watch design. There is a serious debate out there about whether smart watches should be round or square. The two major players in the smart watch era have already broken down different paths with Google’s partners going all in on […]

I Don’t Think Your Review is Very Accurate

Near the end of 2014 I wrote a review of the Misfit Flash and in 2015 is is one of my most-read articles on the entire site. There are about 50 different “Misfit Flash…” searches that can lead you to my review, so I guess I hit the topics people are curious about. And since […]

I Didn’t Know I Wanted to Block Ads Until I Found Your Site

Nilay Patel writing for The Verge: You might think the conversation about ad blocking is about the user experience of news, but what we’re really talking about is money and power in Silicon Valley. Nilay is correct that this is all a big chess match that’s about more than just readers and publishers. However, I […]