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Life with a 16GB iPhone (Not Great, Bob!)

I need to vent just a little. Life with a 16GB iPhone is nearly impossible! Frankly, I don’t know how anyone does it. I have 2 games installed (Alto’s Adventure and Desert Golfing, for those interested) and 48 apps from the App Store. I think that’s a pretty reasonable number of apps to have. All-in-all, […]

Is HoloLens Really Microsoft’s Vision of the Future?

I watched some of Microsoft’s BUILD keynote today and saw some pretty nice stuff coming from the company. You have to like the move completely away from Internet Explorer (although you have to wonder if this is a “rose by a different name” situation) and their aggressive moves with Microsoft Visual Studio may help bring […]

There Has Never Been One Best iPhone Size for Everybody

Manton Reese – No Perfect iPhone Size The lesson from all these switches couldn’t be more clear: there’s no longer one perfect iPhone for everyone. I hate to disagree with Manton, because I think he’s really smart, but there has never been one perfect iPhone size for everyone. For the longest time there was only […]

Samsung Finally Made Another Great Phone

I have a tendency to give Samsung a hard time on this site. I’m definitely not alone in this endeavor, though. For years Samsung has been the whipping boy for Apple fans the world over. They’re an easy target, after all. They aren’t very original, they have brash marketing that gets under people’s skin, and […]

Tidal’s Terrible Messaging and Gloomy Future

Jay Z relaunches Tidal with music’s biggest artists as his co-owners – The Verge Before today, that premium tier was the only one TIDAL offered. This morning it introduced a $9.99 service with standard definition audio, which will pay just the standard royalty rates. The double royalties only get paid on streams for customers who […]