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A Day in Wheaton, IL

Wheaton, IL is a really nice town with a great downtown area. Beth and I spent an hour there today, most ly on the hunt for coffee and macarrons. We succeded on both fronts, scoring some really good coffee from River City Roasters and some better-than-average macaroons from PompleMousse Bakery. We did get a bit […]

A Day at the Orchard

While this is typically a tech blog, it’s nice to break free from that every once in the while. Today I’m sharing a few photos from my wife and my visit to a pretty rad apple orchard here in Illinois (still technically “Apple news”, yes?). I hope you enjoy!

My Best Photos of the Year

A little over a year ago, I bought my first really nice camera. I got the Nikon J1, mostly because it’s a good camera and I got it for a crazy low price. In that time, I’ve become more comfortable being “the guy with the camera” at events, which was a huge change that absolutely […]