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Other Uses for Night Sight Photos

I’m a big fan of Night Sight mode on the Pixel line of phones. Qualms about it being a separate mode or making scenes look different from how they look to the naked eye are fine, but as an additive mode to all the normal photo modes on Pixels, I’m still a fan. But one […]

Google Pixel 3a Review: The MacBook Air of Smartphones

Most phones are judged on 4 things: Build Quality Performance Camera Software If you buy an $800+ phone then you can usually get all of those but spend any less and you’re going to have to compromise. The $400-$700 phone market is interesting because it’s full of phones that are making compromises to appeal to […]

How Good is the Google Pixel’s Camera?

I’ve said on many occasions that I think the Google Pixel 2/3/3a have amazing cameras and they get shots that I really enjoy most of the time. Not only that, they get photos, usually at night, that I simply can’t get with my iPhone. But here’s an anecdote that made me question everything. No, not […]

Google Pixel 3a and iPhone XS Camera Comparison

Y’all know the drill by now, so let’s do a world-famous BirchTree camera comparison®. These photos are separated into a few different categories, but know that the first photo will always be the iPhone XS and the second will be the Pixel 3a. Enjoy! I’ll also note up front that we’re comparing a $399 camera […]

Pixel 3a First Impressions

I’ve only had a Pixel 3a in my hands for about 12 hours at this point, but I wanted to share my first impressions of the device since it looks like a lot of people I know are looking at this phone and thinking “$399 for that camera is pretty good…” First off, let’s touch […]