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Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 Plus low light camera comparison

I’ve already compared the photos and videos that the Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus can produce, but those test were all in good conditions. the sun was out! Both cameras did well in those conditions, but maybe we can get some more difference in their performance when we go out and take one photos at night!

Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 Plus camera comparison

One of the big reasons I got a Pixel 2 this year is because of the camera. I already own an iPhone 8 Plus, which has a truly spectacular camera, but the Pixel 2 is supposed to be no slouch either. Let’s take a look at a few comparison shots I took over my walks around the neighborhood this past week.

Web benchmarks for the Google Pixel 2

Benchmarks are either the most fair way to compare devices, or they’re a completely artificial way for one side of an argument to prove their point in an unfair way. If we’re talking about Geekbench scores, then I tend to agree with the latter position, unless you’re comparing apples to apples (if you will). Web benchmarks I feel are much more of a fair fight cross-platform because the web itself is equal across all devices. When I load a heavy website like The Verge, the same bits come to me whether I’m on iOS or Android.