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Web benchmarks for the Google Pixel 2

Benchmarks are either the most fair way to compare devices, or they’re a completely artificial way for one side of an argument to prove their point in an unfair way. If we’re talking about Geekbench scores, then I tend to agree with the latter position, unless you’re comparing apples to apples (if you will). Web benchmarks I feel are much more of a fair fight cross-platform because the web itself is equal across all devices. When I load a heavy website like The Verge, the same bits come to me whether I’m on iOS or Android.

Comparing video on the Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 Plus

I’ve had the chance to do a little outdoor video work with the new Pixel 2 and this phone has a very nice video camera built into it. The crowning achievement is the combination OIS and EIS they have going on, both of which work together to deliver the best stabilized video I think I’ve ever seen on anything handheld. But does it win the video war? Not quite.