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Podcast #218: My Favorite Android Phone of 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is my favorite Android phone of the year, and it took spending significant time with the Pixel 4 to really appreciate how much I actually enjoy this “low end” phone from Samsung.

Podcast #217: My 10 Favorite Songs of 2019

Listen to this episode at 1x speed (and be aware of some strong language in the lyrics)! These are my top 10 favorite songs of the year. Grab the playlist on Apple Music if you want to add these to your collection today.

Podcast #216: I Don’t Know

There is a power in being able to say “I don’t know” or “I need to think about that first” instead of having hot takes on everything. This is true in life in general, and it’s something that is sometimes hard to square with the reward systems in place on social media.

Podcast #214: My Favorite Non-Apple Tech Buys

Despite mostly talking about Apple stuff on this show, they’re definitely not the only tech stuff I buy and I wanted to spend today celebrating some of my favorite things from companies outside Cupertino.