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The BirchTree Podcast #62: Paying for Time or for a Result

Today I discuss why I like doing my freelance jobs for a flat rate and not by the hour. People have many differing opinions here, and different work may call for different payment methods, but for me, this has always seemed better.

Bonus Podcast: A Ridiculously Good iPad

The 10.5″ iPad Pro is a marvelous computer, and is just so damn good. It’s the best iPad I think Apple has ever released, and in some ways the best personal computer they’ve ever made.

Bonus Podcast: The Apple Watch Series 3 Was Finally “Enough”

The Apple Watch hit what I would consider the threshold where it was finally “good enough” for almost everyone. It’s fast and new wireless capabilities made it more independent from your iPhone. It’s a great product, and one that I’m happy to be wearing on my wrist today.