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Podcast #196: The September Preview

We’re only a few weeks away from Apple’s annual September event and I’ve not really taken any time to talk about what I’m looking forward to there. Today, that is rectified.

Podcast #194: Did the iPhone Kill Phone Design?

Turn on voice boost in your podcast app for this episode. I apparently drifted away from the mic around the middle of the episode and I couldn’t get the audio to be totally level throughout…sorry 🙁 The iPhone undeniably shifted our thinking as a society about what a phone is, but did it “kill design” […]

Podcast #193: Falling in and Out of Love with Companies

Just because you love a company one day does not mean you are going to love them another day. Even of those changes make logical sense for them to make and even if the writing is on the wall that the change was going to happen, none of that means everyone is going to be […]

Podcast #190: The iPadOS Marketing is Working

The iPadOS public beta came out yesterday and that means all the major tech outlets got out there “here’s what’s new in iPadOS 13” videos as well. If Apple’s goal in changing the naming of the iPad’s operating system was to shift the conversation in terms if its “ability to replace your PC” then I […]

Podcast #189: Apple Beta Status Report: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS

Quick episode today on how the betas are holding up for me and why I’m desperately hoping for new betas today to fix some of the crazy problems I’m having with my iPhone and Apple Watch in particular. These were explicitly messaged as unstable and I knew that going in, so not complaining by any […]