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Podcast #181: Pixel 3a First Impressions

Camera, performance, and build quality. You can get all three of those by spending $800+ but midrange phones always require some sacrifice. The Pixel 3a is no different, but it makes different trade-offs than many phones in the same price range and I think that makes it a really interesting and compelling phone.

Podcast #180: The Google I/O 2019 Extravaganza

Google I/O kicks off today and I have a lot of thoughts! This episode is split in half, recorded both before and after the keynote, so you’ll get to see how close I was to guessing what Google would focus on (spoiler: I nailed the security angle and missed on my OnePlus 6 being included […]

Podcast #177: The Galaxy Fold and Editorials Invading Reviews

The reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Fold really brought to light something I’ve noticed about tech reviews in recent years. We’ve moved past the “is this product worth your money” style of review and moved more to editorial-style reviews which seems to be creating a disconnect between reviewers and readers.

Podcast #176: On Video Game Accessibility

I felt compelled to weigh in on the video game debate of the day: should games like Sekiro do more to enable more people to play them? It’s a sometimes raucous debate and I wanted to weigh in.