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Podcast #200: Episode 200! Why Hardware Still Matters in 2019

This kind of snuck up on me, so thank you for listening for 200 episodes! Today, on the eve of a new iPhone announcement, I talk about why hardware still matters in 2019, specifically in terms of photography, as well as why Google seems to get all the credit when it comes to “computational photography.”

Podcast #197: Just Here for the AirDrop Memes

It’s hard to keep up with iOS and Android, and today I dive into why I think it’s important for people like me to provide the context normal people simply can’t be expected to figure out themselves.

Podcast #196: The September Preview

We’re only a few weeks away from Apple’s annual September event and I’ve not really taken any time to talk about what I’m looking forward to there. Today, that is rectified.

Podcast #194: Did the iPhone Kill Phone Design?

Turn on voice boost in your podcast app for this episode. I apparently drifted away from the mic around the middle of the episode and I couldn’t get the audio to be totally level throughout…sorry 🙁 The iPhone undeniably shifted our thinking as a society about what a phone is, but did it “kill design” […]