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The BirchTree Podcast #54: Desks, how do they work?

Does anyone know what they’re doing with their desk? I feel like I’m always just winging it and have no grand plan to “optimize my work flow” or anything like that. Either there is something I’m missing, or we’re all just guessing our way through.

The BirchTree Podcast #53: HomePod, HomePod, HomePod

HomePod is here and I’ve been using mine for a couple days now. It’s a very good speaker with some challenges when it comes to other aspects. If you literally just want something that sounds good, then this likely will fit the bill for you. But if you want a little more, or something that just keeps up with the other wireless speakers on the market, this has a few challenges that it needs to overcome.

Th BirchTree Podcast #52: Apple’s Video Service Might Actually Have a Shot

Apple Music is on pace to overtake Spotify in the US in 2018. This got me thinking about whether Apple is too late to overtake the likes of Hulu and Netflix in the video arena. They have an uphill battle, but giving the success of Apple Music, I’m reassessing how likely their odds are here.

The BirchTree Podcast #51: 15 Million Switches

Apparently the Nintendo Switch has just about hit 15 million sales worldwide, months ahead of other big gam console launches like the Wii and PS4. Nintendo has a hit on their hands, and I’m just enjoying the ride.

The BirchTree Podcast #50: HomePod Eve

We’re t-minus 8 hours from HomePod pre-orders and I did an impromptu episode of the show to get some of my thoughts about how odd this release is for Apple. I still have so many questions about it that are not answered and I can’t remember the last time I felt this in the dark about an Apple product at its release.