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Bite Size Tech is Back! Ep. 44: Future Full of Screens

I did the unthinkable yesterday and finally recorded a new episode of Bite Size Tech. This week’s topic is everyone’s apparent obsession with determining if the iPad can replace your laptop. I was gone for a while so I let the episode run a little over the 10 minute mark. I hope you can forgive […]

Bite Size tech #26: I Didn’t Want to be Sad

Are video game consoles dying? Are they already dead?! Let’s put our feelings aside and look at the numbers. Links discussed: Pew Research studies tech device ownership among American adults GfK studies media cunsumption habits of 13-54 year olds Sony’s Q2 2015 earnings (PDF) Microsoft’s Q1 2016 earnings Dedicated Gaming Consoles Died Long Ago – […]

Bite Size Tech #24: PC Does Whaaaaaat?

Flash needs to die, Samsung made a not-terrible smart watch, teenagers love Instagram, Nintendo might be making good decisions again, and the company that brought you the Scroogled campaign is back with something just as bad. Links discussed: Critical security vulnerability on Flash Samsung Gear 2 review – Engadget WSJ poll of teenagers show what […]

Bite Size Tech #23: Ctrl+Alt+Del on a Tablet is a Great Experience

Microsoft’s quest to make the new Windows just like the old Windows, Elon Musk on the current limits of the Apple Watch, and why Starbucks supporting Apple Pay is a big freaking deal. Links discussed: PC sales drop again – Gartner Elon Musk tweets about his Apple Watch Starbucks is implementing Apple Pay ASAP

Bite Size Tech #22: Mispronounce All the Names!

Apple’s new privacy policy is bat-**** insane, but in a good way. Also some really great writing from a few of my favorite up-and-coming tech writers…who’s names I’m sure I butchered. Links discussed: Apple – Our Approach to Privacy Metal on the Mac – Samantha Bielefeld Actual Formatted Capacity Less – No# The Value of […]