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We take a break from our normally-scheduled technology to talk about the cluster we’re currently in.

For the Record: Things Donald Trump was Elected to Do

Donald Trump is about to be our 45th President, and I think the American people have made a terrible mistake. As some have said, you can’t just stick your head in the sand for 4 years or move to Canada. Nor can you be like the Republicans in 2008 and decide that when the President says “yes” you ay “no.” We need to work together to improve the country, even if we don’t have the president we deserve.

Why it’s Hard to Have Sympathy for Republicans Who Don’t Like Trump

There are plenty of Republicans out there today who are begrudgingly voting for Donald J. Trump for president this November. They are not thrilled about him being their nominee, but they simply can’t bring themselves to vote for another party. “Well sure, he’s overtly racist and is woefully unprepared, but at least there’s an (R) next to his name on the ballot.”