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Review: Bloodborne

Bloodborne is my current favorite game of the year. I truly love this game! Most people correlate Bloodborne with “difficult” or “hard-as-nails”, but I think those words over-simplify what makes it a great game. Bloodborne demands more of you than most games. It’s a game that punishes you if you don’t pay attention. Case in […]

Mini Review: Infinit for iOS

Infinit is an app designed to easily share files between your devices. Until today, it only existed on the desktop, so I couldn’t make much use of it. However, they released their iOS app today and the service finally makes sense to me. I’ve been testing the app for the last couple months, and it’s […]

Video Review: The Order 1886

I’ve never done a video review for the video game before, but I wanted to give it a try this time. I think it turned out pretty well, but this is definitely something that I would have to practice more to really refine. Let me know what you think!

Game Review: Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful, addicting, and challenging endless skier[1] that you should buy…like right now. Seriously, don’t delay, it’s just $1.99. Okay, how about a slightly deeper dive? Alto’s Adventure is from Snowmen, the creators of the reminders app Checkmark, and the brand new Shifts app which I love. When they announced that they […]

App Review: Mail Pilot 2 for iOS

I guess this is email season, because this is the second email app review I’m writing this week. Mail Pilot 2 is a major update to Mindsense’s innovative email app for iOS. Back in January 2012, the concept of triage get your emails by swiping them was a new concept (and OMG look at that […]