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AirPods review: The best earbuds I’ve ever owned

I’ve been wearing my AirPods quite a bit since I got them 3 weeks ago. They are without a doubt the best earbuds I have ever owned. These aren’t just a small step forward, they are a giant leap in many ways and they are right up there with the Amazon Echo in being a product I don’t know how I ever lived without. AirPods are not a perfect product, but they are great in so many of just the right ways that they easily make up for any shortcomings.

Amazon Echo Dot review

I’ll probably end up getting Apple’s version of this when and if they release theirs, but in the meantime the Echo Dot is a fantastic addition to my home. Much like when I bought the original Pebble (RIP) watch, I know this is not the epitome of this technology, but it’s a bit of tech that I never want to live without again.

PlayStation Vue Review

Are you a cord cutter who’s generally happy, but longs for a little more access to live TV? Are you a current cable subscriber who is looking to cut the cord but fear relying on a half dozen streaming services to get your TV content? If you fall into either of those camps, then PlayStation Vue could be the television option you’ve been looking for.

Cheap Nike Apple Watch Band Knock Off Review

I got this one for $10 on eBay and it’s pretty crappy. The rubber feels incredibly cheap and the lugs barely fit when you try to connect it to the Apple Watch. I would go on, but I honestly don’t know what else you need to know. Don’t bother with this band.

Nike+ Run Club Review: Brilliance Marred by a Few Bugs

I’m starting to think I should just write my own damn workout app for the Apple Watch. That’s how I feel after trying out yet another running companion for my Apple Watch, [Nike+ Run Club]. I’ve used plenty of the other options out there already, and I always go back to [RunKeeper]. RunKeeper has the best mix of ease of use, stability, and options. I’ve tried everything from Runtastic to Strava to Map My Run to Apple’s built in Workouts app, but they all have quirks that keep me away. RunKeeper is not without its own issues (such as telling me I’m about to embark on a 4.99km run every time I start up a 5km run), but it beats out the rest.