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Review: Grave Suspicion by Aaron Mahnke

Grave Suspicion excels as a summer weekend read. It’s a tight thriller that keeps things fresh and interesting from start to finish. It’s the sort of book that I feel comfortable recommending to just about everyone. The story follows Sam, a generally average guy (by his own intent) who has the decidedly non-average ability to […]

Inside Out, You Have To See This Pixar Gem

Almost all of Pixar’s films are about growing up in one way or another. Some films hit this more on the head than others, and those tend to be my favorites. Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story each come to mind as standouts. Inside Out follows in these films’ footsteps, and is an amazing […]

Running with Apple Watch

I have been using the Apple Watch to track my workouts for the past 3 weeks, and I’ve run it through its paces as a workout companion. I’ve logged 13 workouts (10 runs, 3 walks) both indoors and outdoors. This is easily the most active I have been all year, and it’s fair to say […]

Apple Watch Review

I’ve known that I wanted an Apple Watch since long before Apple unveiled the Apple Watch last September. I actually owned an HTC One M8 last summer, and was eyeing some of the Android Wear options just hitting the market with much interest. I also owned a Pebble for a few months, so I have […]

Review: Bloodborne

Bloodborne is my current favorite game of the year. I truly love this game! Most people correlate Bloodborne with “difficult” or “hard-as-nails”, but I think those words over-simplify what makes it a great game. Bloodborne demands more of you than most games. It’s a game that punishes you if you don’t pay attention. Case in […]