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Television Time Review

Television Time is an app that allows you to keep track of your television shows in a simple, elegant way, and it is the best TV trading app I have ever used. It achieves this status by being remarkably easy to use, having a particular killer feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and being […]

I Tried Google Play Music, but Apple Music Still has my Heart

It seems I am rather unique in my love for Apple Music. While I am surrounded by people in my same world who have abandoned the service for competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music, I am having a blast over here in the Apple Music camp. But why am I happy when so many […]

Review: Ulysses Mobile (iPhone-specific review)

Ulysses has long been one of the best text editors on the Mac and their iPad counterpart is a stunning example of high-quality software on a tablet. I love using both of these apps on a daily basis, and they are where most articles you see written here originate. One glaring omission from the Ulysses […]

Review: Remember the Milk 4 (It’s Amazing)

According to my App Store receipts, I bought OmniFocus in early 2012 and it has been my go to task management app ever since. I own it for iOS and the Mac, and while I have experimented with other task managers since 2012, I’m always quick to go back to OmniFocus. No app has been […]

Day One 2 Review

Day One originally launched in March 2011 and it has been on every iPhone and Mac I have owned since then. When you talk about “the best apps on iOS” the conversation has to include this delightful little app. It’s been a world class app since it’s debut almost 5 full years ago. There are […]