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Alfred 3 Review: More Power Than Ever

There are few apps on my Mac that I find as indispensable as Alfred. In terms of apps that help me get my work done, it’s right up there with Photoshop, Atom, and Ulysses in letting me be as productive as I need to be. This is why when I saw earlier in the week […]

Television Time Review

Television Time is an app that allows you to keep track of your television shows in a simple, elegant way, and it is the best TV trading app I have ever used. It achieves this status by being remarkably easy to use, having a particular killer feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and being […]

I Tried Google Play Music, but Apple Music Still has my Heart

It seems I am rather unique in my love for Apple Music. While I am surrounded by people in my same world who have abandoned the service for competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music, I am having a blast over here in the Apple Music camp. But why am I happy when so many […]

Review: Ulysses Mobile (iPhone-specific review)

Ulysses has long been one of the best text editors on the Mac and their iPad counterpart is a stunning example of high-quality software on a tablet. I love using both of these apps on a daily basis, and they are where most articles you see written here originate. One glaring omission from the Ulysses […]

Review: Remember the Milk 4 (It’s Amazing)

According to my App Store receipts, I bought OmniFocus in early 2012 and it has been my go to task management app ever since. I own it for iOS and the Mac, and while I have experimented with other task managers since 2012, I’m always quick to go back to OmniFocus. No app has been […]