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Galaxy S10e and iPhone XS Portrait Mode Showdown

You all know the drill by now, so I’ll just get into it. This is a comparison from a walk around town today, focusing on portrait modes on each camera. In every comparison, the iPhone is first and the Galaxy is second Girl Statue Right off the bat we see some big differences in processing. […]

Galaxy S10e and iPhone XS Camera Comparison

I took a few sample shots on my Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone XS this morning and wanted to share the differences. It’s worth noting that none of these photos are of people, which is where the S10e I feel falls flat, but if you’re taking pics of still objects, this comparison will be more […]

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review (or The AirPods Cage Match We’ve All Been Waiting For)

I recently published my Galaxy S10e review and made a point of making that article mention the iPhone as few times as possible. I’m taking a different approach here; this entire review is going to be a comparison to Apple’s industry-leading and pop culture phenomenon. Let just jump right in. The “Experience” Yes, we’re starting […]

Samsung Galaxy S10e: An iPhone Fan’s Review

A little over a year ago I said this about the Pixel 2: If you’re looking for a change and want to see what Android is like, I don’t think there’s a better phone out there than the Pixel 2 to get the best that Android has to offer. I still think the Pixel 2 […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: An Apple Watch Fan’s Sorta-Review

Before we get going, let me just say that I picked up this watch 4 days ago and have used for 3 full days as I write these words. I normally would wait to pass judgement and write a full review, but I simply can’t use this watch anymore and need to return it before […]