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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: An Apple Watch Fan’s Sorta-Review

Before we get going, let me just say that I picked up this watch 4 days ago and have used for 3 full days as I write these words. I normally would wait to pass judgement and write a full review, but I simply can’t use this watch anymore and need to return it before […]

Video: My First Impressions of the Galaxy S10e

I feel like I got lucky in getting the Samsung Galaxy S10e a couple days early and took the opportunity to put together a quick(ish) video about some of the things that stand out to me right off the bat. This video was produced over a couple hours this morning and afternoon, and of course […]

The Galaxy Brand is Dead

I’m positive the Note brand is dead. If Samsung has the gal to bring out a Note 8 next year, the tagline has to be “it won’t explode, we promise…again…seriously this time.” That’s not a great pitch.

The death blow may have already been thrown weeks ago, but for me it was when the FAA announced that Note 7’s were going to be straight up banned from going on any domestic aircraft. Not just turned off, not just checked and in the luggage are, but not on the plane at all.

Samsung Firing on All Cylinders with the Galaxy S7

Mobile World Congress is happening this week and there have been plenty of interesting announcements made by a bunch of differnet companies, but nothing has impressed me more than Samsung’s Galaxy S7 line. But why? The LG G5 is a modular smartphone with fancy friends and the VR stuff looked so cool! You know, except […]