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Sony’s Q1 2017 results: Slow and steady

Sony’s game & network services was really on a roll for the past half decade or so. While the company overall has been is a lot of trouble, the game division has been producing record numbers quarter after quarter. After a completely bonkers fiscal year 2016 where they broke revenue records all year long (and profit records in 3/4 Qs). With that context, this first quarter of the new fiscal year was a little boring.

Sony’s Q2 2016 Results: A Merely Acceptable Pre-Holiday Quarter

Sony announced their 2016 Q2 results today and they were honestly a kind of boring release. Their revenues were technically up year over year in Q2, but this was ultimately a down quarter for the company due to currency fluctuations.

But what I really care about with Sony is their gaming division, so let’s dive in.