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Surface Go Performance Follow-Up

The Surface Go, the most interesting computer Microsoft has released in recent memory, was released a year ago this month. I got mine a few days after launch and posted my review several weeks later…conveniently before the return window closed. Look, I get that this is a $399 device and it’s not going to be […]

From Go to Pro: A Whole New World

While the Surface Go is a “sub-$400 tablet” in the absolute sense of the word, it’s not really when you consider the basically required accessories you need to get for it. Here’s the whole set: That’s $627 just to get a working Surface Go setup up and running. That’s a bit more than I’d like […]

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Conclusion

This is a multi-part review. Make sure to check the whole thing out with the links below! Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Hardware Part 3: Type Cover and Surface Pen Part 4: Performance, Where Art Thou? Part 5: Maximum Flexibility Part 6: Conclusion The Microsoft Surface Go is a product rife with contradictions. On the […]

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Maximum Flexibility

Using the Surface Go for the past month has not made me want to give up my iPad Pro and switch to the Windows life, but it has made me look at the Mac with new eyes. Not so much macOS, which I still prefer over Windows for many, many reasons, but instead I’m looking at Mac hardware a bit differently.