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Oh, Hello

I’m just a normal guy with an iPhone 8 Plus, not an X, so I’m not used to having a device that unlocks just by looking at my smug mug. But Windows has a feature called “Windows Hello” that does exactly that. Of course I turned it on as soon as I got my Surface […]

Understanding the Surface Pen as an Apple Pencil Fan

I love the Apple Pencil and was excited to use a Surface Pen, which gets a lot of love, with my new Surface Go. It’s not exactly what I was expecting, but that’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just…different. Check out the video above to see my first impressions.

Microsoft Surface Go Design Details

The design of the Surface Go is currently my favorite part of the device. It’s not quite as nice as the iPad Pro, but it’s certainly a compelling product by any other measure, especially when you consider this is a $399 tablet (plus $129 for the keyboard). The Go has more ports than the iPad […]