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Buying a Hammer

Imagine you are doing some work around the house and realize you need a hammer. You don’t have one yet, and you need to get something; what do you do? Odds are you will probably drive down to your local hardware store and buy the first hammer you see that is a good price. You […]

Keyboard Micro-Review Collection

My wife tells me I have a keyboard problem. You know what, she’s probably right, as I have more keyboards than I really need, but I’m always on the look out for the perfect solution for me. In light of this, here are all the current keyboards I own with basically tweet-length reviews for each. […]

My favorite tech buys from 2017

I haven’t done something like this in a long time, but I thought it would be fin to look back on some of my favorite tech purchases from 2017. Not that it matters, but I loosely sorted these by joy they’ve brought me this year.

Unintentionally Moving My Workflow to iOS

I’ve been pondering the iOS-only lifestyle for years now. I originally went 100% iOS in 2011, when I took a week off from my Mac and did all my work on an original iPad. It didn’t go great in 2011, but this has gotten easier over time.