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How Long to the Major macOS Text Editors Take to Open Huge Files?

A part of my work often involves taking massive CSV files (1GB+) and analyzing the data in them. I typically use Visual Studio Code to do this, as it has the best search functionality out of the box than any other editor I’ve tried. But while the functionality is great, the performance is not always […]

Same Phone Lines, Different Results

As of this Spring, these are the flagship phone lines offered by Apple and Samsung: The two companies have remarkably similar lineups in terms of prices, features, and even names. Both companies have the clear ‘Main” phone, the same thing but bigger, and then the cheaper one with one fewer camera, a slightly worse screen, […]

Microsoft Office for iPad: My Beginner’s Guide

I don’t use Word a ton, but when I do I’m usually impressed with how well it works. Those of us who write in text editors will of course not get as much use out of it, but if you work in rich documents or as a team, then Word is pretty darn compelling.

Charging Speed on Galaxy S10e (vs OnePlus 6 and iPhone XS)

I just got the Galaxy S10e in hand and decided it was only right to see how fast it would charge using the included fast chargers in the box. Spoilers, it’s fast, and right up there with the best out there. The sort of it is this: the Galaxy S10e charges ever so slightly slower […]

On Foldable Phones

We’ve seen a bunch of companies unveil their foldable phones over the past week and I will be getting precisely zero of them. On the one hand, I have no place for one of these in my life right now. On the other hand, I also don’t have $2,000+ I’;m looking to drop on a […]