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Charging Speed on Galaxy S10e (vs OnePlus 6 and iPhone XS)

I just got the Galaxy S10e in hand and decided it was only right to see how fast it would charge using the included fast chargers in the box. Spoilers, it’s fast, and right up there with the best out there. The sort of it is this: the Galaxy S10e charges ever so slightly slower […]

On Foldable Phones

We’ve seen a bunch of companies unveil their foldable phones over the past week and I will be getting precisely zero of them. On the one hand, I have no place for one of these in my life right now. On the other hand, I also don’t have $2,000+ I’;m looking to drop on a […]

And Despite All Those Things, I Love It

I use a Mac at work amongst a sea of Windows and Linux fans. As such I sometimes get drawn into friendly banter about why Macs are terrible and Apple is the worst. As a long time Apple fan, none of this is new to me, this is just how it goes. We had one […]

Buying a Hammer

Imagine you are doing some work around the house and realize you need a hammer. You don’t have one yet, and you need to get something; what do you do? Odds are you will probably drive down to your local hardware store and buy the first hammer you see that is a good price. You […]

Keyboard Micro-Review Collection

My wife tells me I have a keyboard problem. You know what, she’s probably right, as I have more keyboards than I really need, but I’m always on the look out for the perfect solution for me. In light of this, here are all the current keyboards I own with basically tweet-length reviews for each. […]