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Unintentionally Moving My Workflow to iOS

I’ve been pondering the iOS-only lifestyle for years now. I originally went 100% iOS in 2011, when I took a week off from my Mac and did all my work on an original iPad. It didn’t go great in 2011, but this has gotten easier over time.

Not Even Kanye Can Save Tidal

You can’t say Kanye doesn’t try to help his friends. When his new album, The Life of Pablo was released 2 weeks ago…and you probably torrented it. And who could blame you? After a few fits and stops, the album was only available to stream on Tidal. Besides, you were by no means the only […]

(REVISED) TLS, the June 30, 2016 Deadline, Online Payments, and You

You can dive really deep into this, but in general TLS (or Transport Layer Security) is a security protocol used to send data over the internet. You’ve likely seen this in your travels around the web, but you may not have known it. Any website that starts “https” and has that little lock icon next to the URL is using an SSL or TLS security protocol. This basically makes sure that when you enter data into a website, it’s only going to go where you want it to go. 

The Days of Physical Keyboards are Numbered

As we continue to dive deeper and deeper into this post-PC world, I find myself thinking more about what things we used to find essential about computers that are being tossed aside as we hurdle towards the future. With this week’s news that Apple is working on a keyboard with literally no moving parts, it hit me like a ton of bricks: of course physical keyboards are on the way out. Just stay with me though and let me explain.

Better than a “Real Computer”

Federico Viticci has long been expanding on the merits of Editorial, a text editor for iOS. This app plays a big role in his everyday work and enables him to run his business from his iPad. That’s a pretty stunning statement, and one that many people will tell you can’t be done. Meanwhile, Zac Cichy […]