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Free Podcast Apps Are Nothing New

There was a bit of chatter online yesterday over Marco Arment’s decision to make Overcast free and only make money on it though a patronage program. Essentially, he’s doing the Radiohead model of “pay what you want” for the app. Marco said he did this as a way to make sure all his users were […]

The Tech That Runs My Life

Am I an Apple fanboy? God, I hope not! In the interest of figuring this out, I started to do a mental inventory of the tech and services from the big three tech companies (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) that I use to manage my life. What I found was that while Apple does dominate the […]

Evernote’s Current Dip

Eugene Kim over at Business Insider (I know, I know) has piece on Evernote’s fall from grace in the tech world. Depending on where you stand, Evernote is either a sinking ship or a maturing company going through a normal transition cycle. But most people we spoke to seem to agree that the company has […]

Data is Square (or Why Round Smart Watches are Just a Fad)

We seem to be at a fork in the road when it comes to smart watch design. There is a serious debate out there about whether smart watches should be round or square. The two major players in the smart watch era have already broken down different paths with Google’s partners going all in on […]

How to Stay Relevant on the App Store

I want to look at one product and one person. The app is Drafts for iOS and the person is David Smith. While there is a sentiment out there that it’s impossible to make a living on the App Store, these stand out as shining examples of how to “make it”. Drafts is a note […]