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Who’s Actually Buying iPods These Days?

With this week’s update to the entire iPod lineup, many have been asking “Who are iPods even for these days?” Well, I worked the last 3 years managing an electronics department for Target, and have sold a lot of Apple devices over that time. Since Apple doesn’t break down demographics for who is buying each […]

The Fading “Real Computer”

Office, messaging and verbs – Benedict Evans When people talk about productivity – about PowerPoint and Excel and how Google Docs and the cloud will or won’t kill them, or messaging and the cloud, or how you need a PC for ‘real work’ – I’m reminded of CC Baxter and his Friden calculating machine. What […]

Apple Makes Profits, Everyone Else Fights for Scraps

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple earned 92% of the profits in the smartphone market last quarter: Apple Inc. recorded 92% of the total operating income from the world’s eight top smartphone makers in the first quarter, up from 65% a year earlier, estimates Canaccord Genuity managing director Mike Walkley. Samsung Electronics Co. took 15%, […]

The Global PC Market is Shrinking Quite a Bit

Global PC market shrinks 11.8% year-over-year: With shipments totaling nearly 16.4 million PCs in 2Q15, the U.S. market shrank -3.3% from the same quarter a year ago. Although most vendors saw volume decline, gains from Apple and Lenovo helped limit the overall decline. As someone who has been following the company since the mid-90s, it’s […]

Apple Doesn’t Have to Play the Free Music Game

The Great Apple Music Pivot – Above Avalon Apple Music’s family plan option will give the service life, but more is needed. The free music subscription model will eventually be too difficult for Apple to ignore. I disagree entirely. How many times has Apple refused to play the same race-to-the-bottom game with the rest of […]