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Facebook Doesn’t Fit on Your Wrist

Apple Waits as App Developers Study Who’s Buying Its Watch – The New York Times Facebook was not persuaded [by the Apple Watch as a platform]. Three months after the watch’s release, there is no Facebook app tailored for it. Adam Mosseri, who oversees Facebook’s news feed, said the social network had been studying the […]

97% of Early Apple Watch Owners are Satisfied

Apple Watch Satisfaction – Techpinions Given the current customer satisfaction of the iPhone is at 99%, the first version of the Apple Watch ranks closer to the current generation iPhone than the first generation iPhone or iPad in terms of satisfaction. These are very impressive “customer sat” (channeling my inner Tim Cook) numbers, but it […]

The Official Twitter App is Better Than You Think

What if we nerds used Twitter the way it’s meant to be used and not like we used it 5 years ago? This is the question I aimed to answer when I switched Tweetbot off on my Mac, iPad, and most critically of all, my iPhone. I love Tweetbot, and I genuinely think it’s one […]

Who’s Actually Buying iPods These Days?

With this week’s update to the entire iPod lineup, many have been asking “Who are iPods even for these days?” Well, I worked the last 3 years managing an electronics department for Target, and have sold a lot of Apple devices over that time. Since Apple doesn’t break down demographics for who is buying each […]

The Fading “Real Computer”

Office, messaging and verbs – Benedict Evans When people talk about productivity – about PowerPoint and Excel and how Google Docs and the cloud will or won’t kill them, or messaging and the cloud, or how you need a PC for ‘real work’ – I’m reminded of CC Baxter and his Friden calculating machine. What […]