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Slickwraps vs. dbrand Skins: Which Is Right For You?

Updated March 2017: I bought a new dbrand skin and made a video for it. Do you love your smartphone but wish it was just a little different? Maybe it could use more grip or maybe it needs a splash of color to stand out. The phone case market has happily taken care of these […]

Not Your Father’s Apple

Ian Rogers announced the details of Apple Music’s launch on his blog today: Please make a note to upgrade to iOS 8.4 at 8am PT Tuesday, June 30th and listen to the first Beats 1 broadcast at 9am PT. A few hours later, Eddy Cue took to Twitter to answer some questions from the people: […]

Is iOS 9 beta 2 Ready to be Your Daily Driver?

As with most article titles that end in the question mark, the answer is NOOOOOOOOO. While the Mac OS X El Capitan beta is humming along very nicely on my Mac, my iPhone is not faring as well with the newest beta. Beta 1 suffered from massive power consumption issues. My phone would last about […]

T-Mobile Continues to be Nuts

T-Mobile announced that they are removing the already industry-leading 6 month wait between phone upgrades and are now letting users upgrade whenever they want. The fine print is that you’re limited to 3 phones per year, but that’s still pretty insane. I have taken advantage of T-Mobile’s JUMP program extensively, having owned 4 different phones […]

Thinking About the Next Big Social Network

The next great social platform can’t be yet another centralized system. It has to be more distributed and more open even than App.net. It has to focus on writing and bloggers and embrace what is good about the web. Ello doesn’t do any of these things. – via Manton Reece I love Manton, but I […]