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The best BirchTree wallpapers updated for the new iPhone X

Because I love you guys and expect a good portion of you will be buying the new iPhone X this fall, I decided it was worth updating some of my most popular wallpapers to match the new wallpaper dimensions for iOS 11 devices. These will look great on any iPhone though, so hopefully there is something in here you like!

Apple removed their Jupiter wallpaper in the iOS 11 GM even though I made them such a nice one

9to5Mac got their hands on the iOS 11 GM release and it has a ton of new wallpapers, including updated Earth and Moon ones, but Apple sadly does not seem to have taken my nice Jupiter one]I made for them last month. That said, Apple does have a couple weeks before iOS 11 actually ships, and they are more than welcome to take mine. I’ve even resized it to match perfectly with the Earth and Moon ones they’ve got going on already. Come on, @timcook, let’s make it happen!

September 12 Apple Event Wallpapers

Apple sent out invitations today to what we can only assume is this year’s iPhone event, which will be taking place on September 12 this year. And as is my new tradition, I have made a small set of iPhone wallpapers to get your current iPhone ready.