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Some Very Swifty Wallpapers

Last week’s cade-based wallpapers went over so well I decided throwing together a similar collection for the Swift logo would go over pretty well.

One More Batch of WWDC Wallpapers

So this should be the last set of WWDC16 wallpapers. I really loved the theme of this year’s show, so I had to make one more wall based on the Apple logo from Apple’s session videos. I think they look great, and you should put them on your iPhone to remember this year’s WWDC. Tap/click […]

Wallpaper Weekend: Beme Wallpapers

Beme is a unique social app that aims to take the vanity out of social media. There are no filters, no editing, and doesn’t let you experience things through your phone screen. It’s an interesting idea, and one that I’m just starting to take a look at, but I like their icon and had to […]

Wallpaper Weekend: Quiet Night (smartphone)

This week’s wallpaper is for those of you who want a simple, dark background for your phone. There is only one variant, and as always, it’s in 4K so you won’t be able to find a phone display out there it looks bad on. Enjoy!

Wallpaper Saturday! Blue Rays

It’s everybody’s favorite day, new wallpaper day! I’ve been going a little crazy with wallpaper releases this week (see my Apps for Earth collection as well as WWDC16 ones for iPhone and desktop), so today’s release is a little tame by comparison. There’s one version and that’s it, but I hope you like it!