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Apps For Earth iPhone Wallpapers

Apple has teamed up with the WWF for their Apps for Earth campaign this year, which has meant a whole bunch of your app icons have turned green and blue1. Apple also put up a really cool graphic for the campaign on the App Store, and as I’m one to do, I decided to make […]

WWDC16 iPhone Wallpapers

These proved to be very popular last year, so I decided to try my hand again at some WWDC-themed wallpapers for 2016. There are 2 variants of this wall, and there are iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus sizes for each. Download the entire pack here, or grab the main version directly below (alternate version […]

4K Android N Wallpapers That Look Good on Any Phone

Google surprised the world by announcing and releasing the developer beta for Android N today. It’s an unexpected move from the company that tends to save these releases for their Google I/O conference or a Nexus event in the fall. The beta only runs on Nexus phones so you’re probably not using it right now, […]

Gorgeous ‘The Witness’ 4K Phone Wallpapers

The Witness is currently my favorite game of the year1 and I just had to make some nice wallpapers in honor of it. As always, these can be downloaded one at a time below, or you can click this link to download the entire collection. If you enjoy them, please share with your friends! 2 […]