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First Impressions of the Apple Watch Series 4

I got the new Series 4 Apple Watch today and I really couldn’t resist sharing a few first impressions. First, we have to talk about the size. I got all hyped up by a few watch people who had me convinced the difference between 42mm and 44mm watches was significant. Maybe for some people it […]

watchOS 5: The BirchTree Review

While I don’t think this is as big an update was watchOS 3, a game-changing year-to-year update, it’s probably the second biggest update watchOS has received to date.

An Apple Watch Jailbreak is Probably the Worst Idea Ever (right now, at least)

 9to5Mac has a good breakdown of what this jailbreak entails, but I will reiterate that you should not even think about finding this jailbreak. One, I don’t think that watchOS is really in need of a jailbreak community to push it forward right now1, but two, this is an incredibly high risk jailbreak! watchOS doesn’t […]

Instapaper Removes Their Apple Watch App

This is an all-too familiar headline, and it’s one that lands less hard each time. While the Apple Watch continues to have significant growth and customer satisfaction is through the roof, people’s interest in most third party apps is incredibly low. Some specific apps get good use on the watch (weather and messaging, specifically), but […]

The Apple Watch Continues to Transform the Watch Industry

Why Men Are Wearing Watches That Don’t Tell Time – WSJ With smartphones practically glued to our palms at all times and smartwatches muscling in, traditional timepieces are just no longer as vital as they once were in any practical sense. Fears among watch execs that the Apple Watch, introduced in 2015, would snatch up […]