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The LTE Apple Watch is a glimpse into the not-so-distant future

The Amazon Echo Dot made me feel like I was stepping into the future in a way that no tech device had done for years before. I was hooked immediately and could not see going back to a time where I didn’t have am always listening “digital assistant” in my life. It’s been just 10 months since then, but I had that feeling again last night when I went for a run with just my Apple Watch and AirPods.

A questionable watch band

Personally, I think the sport loop watch band makes the Apple Watch look cheap. This is a $400+ watch, which is far and away the most expensive watch I’ve ever owned, but the band it comes with feels like something you would get with a $10 watch at a grocery store.

watchOS 4: The BirchTree Review

watchOS 4 is here! Is it a massive upgrade like last year, or a minor bump? Pour yourself a coffee, start the update now, and read on to find out.

Looking back on Android Wear 2.0

Jerry Hildenbrand has a nice overview of Android Wear 2 after 6 months over on Android Central. There were a few points that stuck out to me.