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Apple Watch apps are growing up

I’m getting really excited about what developers are going to start doing now that their apps are expected to work 100% independently from their iPhone apps.

The good, the bad, and the gaudy of the Series 3 Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch was indeed announced today, and it looks to be another solid update to the Watch family. I personally plan on ordering a Series 3 LTE watch this Friday so I can enjoy the iPhone-free lifestyle from time to time. Let’s break down what Apple announced to figure out why I am upgrading.

Hello, Apple Watch

My big takeaway is that the Apple Watch is a bigger part of my life than I had realized before. I know, I know, I’m the “Apple Watch guy” but I didn’t truly realize just how much I relied on this little guy until I lost it.

Goodbye, Apple Watch

Tomorrow will be the first day since April 23, 2015 that I have not worn an Apple Watch.