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A love letter to my Apple Watch (redux)

I strongly believe more people would love smart watches than those who own them already. The world is full of products that are not for everyone, but are great for some people. The Apple Watch falls squarely in that category and is not something you’ll see me giving up in an overly dramatic blog post anytime soon. I love my Apple Watch.

What really matters in smart watches and why some watchmakers are screwed

I feel quite strongly at this point that smart watches really need to be made by the platform owner to be worth a damn. For the iPhone, that means the Apple Watch is the only smart watch with a shot at success. Third parties like Pebble (RIP) and Withings can try, but they will never be able to make something that taps into iOS in a meaningful way. Like wise, only smartwatches that run Android Wear are worth considering for those using Android phones. Pebble-style watches and Fitbit’s sorta-smart watches just don’t stand up.

2 years with my favorite accessory: Apple Watch

Two years ago today, I was sitting at home, waiting for UPS to deliver the device I had spent years waiting for Apple to make. After years of using a Pebble and being very impressed with Apple’s September 2014 demo of the Apple Watch, I was amped up for this. It was a Friday, and I took the day off of work so I could be at home all day to make sure I didn’t miss the delivery. UPS’s website assured me it was “Out for delivery” all day, but the hours ticked by, my Twitter feed filling up with people unboxing their Apple Watches. I was growing a little worried.

Overcast now lets you load podcasts directly onto your Apple Watch

Popular app Overcast was updated yesterday and it was the most exciting update I’ve seen in a long time to a podcast app. This update added the ability for users to load podcast episodes directly onto the Apple Watch. This is a big deal, and is something I’ve been waiting years for at this point. This means I can finally bring my Apple Watch with me on runs, and keep my iPhone at home!

watchOS 4: A Modest Pitch

While Apple did little of what I asked them for last year, I still think watchOS 3 was a great update to the platform. The most significant change was of course with performance, as those who felt their original Apple Watches were slow got a big speed upgrade.