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CMRA: Add a Camera to Your Apple Watch

I just saw this new product called CMRA, a band for your Apple Watch that has not one but two cameras built into the strap. There’s one 8MP camera for taking pictures of the world around you, and a 2MP “front facing” camera for selfies and FaceTime calls.

I’m Worried About the Apple Watch

IDC released new numbers on the smart watch market, and they don’t look good. Overall, the market is down 51% over last year (quarter over quarter), and the Apple Watch’s sales were down 71%!

How to Switch from Miles to Kilometers in the Workout App for watchOS 3

Call me a bad American, but I prefer to measure my runs in kilometers than miles. So while I’m perfectly happy to have my driving directions in miles, my weight tracked in pounds, and my temperature in Fahrenheit, all I want is my runs in that other format. Thankfully Apple makes this possible in 2 different ways.

The Apple Watch Needs Cellular

I’m 100% behind this thinking. Having the ability to use your smart watch totally independent from the phone fundamentally changes the usability of the watch. GPS is a good step towards this, but native watch apps combined with a persistent data connection is so powerful.