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My Apple Watch Setup

The internet is rife with people talking about the smartphone, tablet, and laptop setups, but you don’t really see into what people are doing on their smart watches. This isn’t surprising as there are many fewer of us smart watch owners out there, and there are fewer things we can do to customize our watches. Still, I wanted to share my current Apple Watch setup.

Josh Ginter on the Apple Watch Series 2

Josh Ginter is a great writer, and I always enjoy reading his thoughts on Apple’s mobile devices (see here, here, and here). Today he shared some first impressions of the Apple Watch Series 2, so of course I rushed to check them out. I agree with him on almost every point.

Apple Watch Series 1 Review

If you didn’t buy an Apple Watch before because you heard the Apple Watch was slow, then I think this is a very good place to jump in on the platform. Combined with watchOS 3, the new CPU inside this watch makes this a wearable that I don’t think most people would even consider calling “slow” anymore. However, if it wasn’t the slowness, but the core functionality of the Apple Watch that kept you from buying the old model, this isn’t going to change your mind.

watchOS 3: The BirchTree Review

Apple has finally shipped watchOS 3, the third major version of their still extremely young wearable platform. watchOS shipped in April 2015, with watchOS 2 coming just a few months later in September. As I have made very clear with this site, I have owned an Apple Watch since launch day last April and have worn mine literally every day since then. I have a profound love for my Apple Watch, and can’t see going back to a world without it.

Grading My Apple Watch 2 Predictions

People always make predictions for what they think will be coming at these Apple events, and they rarely go back and give grades on how they did. I made some predictions last week, and I took a look at the results form yesterday’s announcements.