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We Finally Have Some Apple Watch 2 Rumors

It’s taken a long time, but we finally have some updates on what is going on with the new Apple Watch model that we pretty much all agree is coming out this fall.

New RPG from Square-Enix for Apple Watch

Square-Enix just put up a page for an upcoming RPG titled Cosmos Rings. Normally this wouldn’t be big news to me, as I don’t really play many RPGs these days, but when you tell me that game is for the Apple Watch…well then you’ve got my attention. I’m really interested to see how this thing […]

A Watch that Just Tells Time?

I really like this watch face, but I just can’t bring myself to use it because it simply doesn’t take advantage of what makes the Apple Watch so great.

Fixing Media Controls in watchOS 3

Apple’s watchOS 3 is a pretty excellent update overall, but there are a few things were Apple is missing the mark in my opinion. The first one was with the new Timer app’s interface, which they have already partially addressed, but now after using the beta for a few weeks another glaring flaw has become obvious. Media controls have taken a big step backwards compared to watchOS 1 & 2.

Apple has Already Partially Fixed My Big Apple Watch Concern

The updated Timer app’s issue in beta 1 was that it made it harder for me to create timers that didn’t comply exactly with the presets Apple had created. In beta 2 they have addressed this by leaving you on the page you last used to create a timer.