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Cheap Nike Apple Watch Band Knock Off Review

I got this one for $10 on eBay and it’s pretty crappy. The rubber feels incredibly cheap and the lugs barely fit when you try to connect it to the Apple Watch. I would go on, but I honestly don’t know what else you need to know. Don’t bother with this band.

TOMS Apple Watch Bands

Okay, I want these. TOMS is the company who famously give 1 pair of shoes to people in need for every pair they sell. It’s a great initiative, and something that more companies should strive to match.

Apple Watch Sales are Disastrous! No, They’re Amazing!

Remember a few weeks back when I expressed my concerns with Apple Watch sales? Well there are new numbers] out from Canalys that suggest the smart watch industry is actually oding much better. So while IDC reported a 51% decrease in smart watch sales in Q3 2016 and a 71% decrease in Apple Watch sales, Canalys has a much rosier picture.

CMRA: Add a Camera to Your Apple Watch

I just saw this new product called CMRA, a band for your Apple Watch that has not one but two cameras built into the strap. There’s one 8MP camera for taking pictures of the world around you, and a 2MP “front facing” camera for selfies and FaceTime calls.