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Windows Completely Breaks My Blogging Workflow

Writing for this site is a hobby I’ve had for close to a decade at this point, and in that time, the workflow for getting content from my head to the site has gone through a million variations and has changed a ton. As technology has improved and App Stores have have allowed more interesting […]

Windows Getting Online Clipboard Sync

Windows Central on this new feature coming in the next Windows release: With Cloud Clipboard, Microsoft is creating a virtual clipboard that can be shared across all your Windows 10 devices, allowing you to copy something on one PC and then paste it on another. This is useful if you’re someone with multiple Windows 10 […]

Apple Could Learn Something from Windows 10’s Multiple Desktops

I finally upgraded my work PC to Windows 10 a few weeks ago (from Win8, shudder) and the move has been a success overall. Outside of taking almost 4 hours to complete the upgrade, everything is running smoothly. The new operating system has a few features I like, but the thing that stands out the most is how it handles multiple desktops.