The Tech Press Loves a “Nasty Surprise” from Apple

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

There is a trend in reporting on the new iPhone line up, and it’s calling tons of things a “nasty surprise.” Here’s a couple I found from a quick Google search:

You can even go back to last year for more examples of this term being thrown around.

To be clear the things that are “nasty surprises” have been:

  • A few people on a forum reported battery issues with a software update 😯
  • iPhone X will not have a fingerprint sensor 😮
  • The 2019 iPhone might be manufactured by LG 😲
  • The cheaper iPhone this fall will have slightly wider bezels than the more expensive model 😱

I don’t know how the “nasty surprise” language came to be so prevalent, but once you notice it, you start to see it everywhere in reporting on Apple. Any news can be a “nasty surprise” if you try hard enough.