My Home Screens: August 2015

What's New?

Pretty mild changes this month.

I'm back on Reddit (but only after deleting my 10 year old account and subscribing to just "nicer" subreddits), and Narwhal is my current Reddit app of choice.

Instapaper is back in my life as well. I still use Pinboard to save general link for later, but Instapaper is simply a better way to read articles on my phone. I like not having to worry whether a site has a good mobile experience or not, Instapaper makes sure everything looks good and is easy to read.

My new job involves a good amount of calendaring, so Fantastical has graduated to front screen status. There are a million calendar apps out there, but none have surpassed it since I bought it in 2012.

Todoist is far and away the best task manager when you need to juggle multiple platforms. This little guy is on my phone in my pocket, my Mac at home, and on my Windows desktop at work. It works very well, and has the same style of natural language event entry that Fantastical popularized, so entering new todos is incredible easy. Sorry OmniFocus, but I may have found a new love...

And for fun, here's my current watch face.

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My Home Screen: July 2015

What’s New?


The entire structure of my iPhone home screens has been changed since we last talked. First off, I moved all apps to the first screen (with about 30 in folders) and a few apps that are getting tested on page 2. This new arrangement is working great for me so far. And yes, this arrangement is inspired by CGP Grey’s setup he showed off on Cortex’s first episode.

Flipboard has replaced Alien Blue as my general entertainment app. I. just done with Reddit. There seems like there’s some new drama happening there every week these days, and I had just started to have a more negative experience everytime I visited the site. I cut it loose for some curated topics on Flipboard, and I’m much happier.

Pushpin has replaced Pocket as my read later service.

Squarespace is back in my life, and their Blog and Metrics apps have gained home screen status.

Slack is my new love. We use it at my new job, and it’s really an amazing way to communicate with your co-workers.

Pocket Casts has replaced Overcast. I change this back and forth every few months, so nothing to see here…

Template here.

Big change for the Apple Watch this month, as I’ve switched to the data-rich Modular face.