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I've been writing here since 2010! Back when personal blogs were all the rage. Kids, ask your parents.
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Improving Surround Sound and HDR Standards


Graphics Card Pricing Continues to Skyrocket

This Isn't 2010, Don't Design Around Specific Devices

What You Choose to Speak Out About Matters

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?!

The Oddest iPhone 14 Take I’ve Seen

I’m Over the Mac App Store

I am Totally Dependent on Everyone Else

I am Totally Dependent on Everyone Else

I Want USB-C on the iPhone, but Not Like This

The One Thing Republicans Care About

Not That Sort of Club

Gaming on a Mac is Still Blah

Our (maybe) Metaverse Delusion

Google's Plan to Promote Political Spam Emails will Proceed

I’ll Bet You Never Heard of this $4 Billion Company

Proxy Icons are Hidden in Plain Sight

Is Your North Star Quality or Quantity?

The Vibe Shift I've Been Waiting For

Yet Another Crypto Disaster

You Don't Have to Use Instagram

Winking at the Camera

Spotify Discontinues Car Thing

Paved With Broken Dreams of "the Old Instagram"

NFL+ Ain’t for Me, and I’m Not Sure Who It’s For

Take (way) More Screenshots

Google Walks Back a Crazy Change

Martin Shkreli Wants to Help Me Save Money on Medicine? It's a Web3 Project?! How Could Anyone Be Skeptical?

On "the Best Laptop"

Epidemic Sound Sues Meta for Massive Copyright Infringement

Rage Against the Standards

What Counts as Broadband Could be Changing

A Gerenational Change

The Glorious Decimation of Smoking

Eventually You Need to Upgrade

Renewables Accounted for Nearly 1/3 of U.S. Energy Usage in April

Everything is a Subscription Because the Line Must Keep Going Up

We're Still Talking About How Bad this Metal Gear Character was 7 Years Later

Forget SaaS, let's talk about GaSaaS

Political Emails Bypassing Spam Filters…as a Service!

Apple Getting NFL Sunday Ticket Would Be Perfect

Bored, Mad, and Posting Like Your Great-Uncle

Heardle Joins Spotify

250 Hours of Extra Life

Good Guy Nintendo

Vivaldi is a Hyper-Power User Browser

Pixelmator for iOS Gets a Big Update

Billions of Worlds in a Single Pixel

Billions of Worlds in a Single Pixel

Why Passkeys Will Be Simpler and More Secure Than Passwords

The UX Wins for Apple and Google Maps

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