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I've been writing here since 2010! Back when personal blogs were all the rage. Kids, ask your parents.
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Good UX Needs More Than Data, It Needs Some Taste

The Constant Anger Brigade is Angry Again

The Shocking State of Enthusiast Apps on Android

The Shocking State of Enthusiast Apps on Android

Benchmarks, Good When I Win, Bad When I Lose

Thinking Too Hard About Starting

Owning Your Favorite Media Forever

In Elon's Twitter, the Cruelty is the Point

Not Exactly Role Models

A Real Bunch of Jokers

The Crypto House Is a Time Capsule of the Worst Aesthetic in Decades

I'll Stop Talking About Twitter When it Stops Sucking

The Accessibility Angle on Movies I'd Never Considered

Heartlessly Blogging as a Top to Your Sales Funnel

Not Everything Related to Twitter is a Controversy

I'm Once Again Defending Like Buttons

The Definitive Guide to Mastodon

Bold (and sometimes boring) Predictions for Apple in 2023

Maybe We Need more Bubbles

You're Not in a Bubble, That's Whay You're So Mad

If Blogging Surges in 2023, Then That's One Thing I Can Thank Elon For

Going from Three Codebases to One

Dark Sky was Always a Bit of a Weirdo

The Unlikely Rise of Barnes & Noble

The Unnamed Baddies

Social Media Companies are Economically Motivated to Make Us Hate Strangers

Benchmarks Need to Represent Actual Usage

Twitter is Allowed to Make Terrible Decisions

Valve Seems to Understand the Steam Deck's Biggest Opportunities

Elon is a Garbage Person, Part I-Can't-Even-Keep-Count

Nobody Cares Apple Missed Their Apple Silicon Timeline

Hacker News Shockingly Has the Best Take

When the Popular App Just Doesn't Click for You

Elon's Trump-like Management of Twitter is a Disaster

Matter Announces it's Business Model

Main Character of the Day on Mastodon

Unabashedly Good Apple News

The Web is Eating My Mac Alive

Structural Reasons You Think Open Source Apps are Ugly

Consider the Source

The "USB-C is Too New" Argument Crumbles

Don't Miss Out on Your Golden Trump Award

Full Season Drops or Weekly Releases?

Full Season Drops or Weekly Releases?

macOS Updates Just Don't Really Matter to Me

Pocket Casts, Open Source, and My Hope for a Second Good Podcast Player on Android

A Trifecta of Bozos

“The Algorithm” Loves Conservative Content

The iPad is a Landscape-First Device in 2022

The Awkward iPad Lineup for Holiday 2022

Even VR for Work Enthusiasts Don't Use VR for Work

Google Pixel Watch

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