A quick bit on what the iPhone’s market really is

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I was recently doing some research on a post that never quite came together in a cohesive thought. However, I did come across this quote from Ben Thompson on how he would define the iPhone’s market:

the high-end smartphone market — that is, the iPhone market — is saturated. Apple still has the advantage in loyalty, which means switchers will on balance move from Android to iPhone, but that advantage is counter-weighted by clearly elongating upgrade cycles. To that end, if Apple wants growth, its existing customer base is by far the most obvious place to turn.

Anyway, no massive think piece from me on this, but in a year where I keep seeing people go, “the DoJ made up the premium phone market from thin air,” it’s fun to stumble on older quotes from the most respected pundits out there doing just that as well.